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Market Feasibility Studies

The  Market Feasibility Study involves a thorough investigation of the various market characteristics that will result in successful projects for our clients. The process includes an extensive evaluation of demographics,economics/affordability, and a comprehensive evaluation of the competition. MDS will customize the study to respond to each client's unique project needs and issues. The results will be a valuable tool in assisting the development/client team in making the best possible decisions for the success of the project. 


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MARKET Scanning 

The market scanning task is a cost-effective tool for evaluating multiple markets with respect to the potential development of new senior housing communities. Through an evaluation of a number of key demographic characteristics and the quantification of existing supply, multiple markets are quantitatively ranked and prioritized in order of the potential opportunity and demand for new senior housing development. 

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Financial Feasibility/Pro Forma

Each engagement involves developing a unique comprehensive financial model designed specifically for the subject project and the objectives and requirement of the client. It is imperative both the market and financial feasibility analyses be accurately established and clearly communicated to both your organization and other outside interests such as architects, designers, financial institutions/lending sources, etc. MDS has developed an extensive database of financial characteristics, operating ratios, benchmarks, and other cost characteristics that will directly benefit all engagements. 
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Operations Analysis

The Operation Analysis will identify practical and prudent revenue enhancement and operating expense reduction initiatives. The current operations will be compared with relevant industry benchmarks, identifying variances from both accepted financial ratios and benchmarks and budget vs. actual financial results.

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Quick-Reaction Strategic Situation Analysis

Then MDS “one-day consulting relationship” has proven to be flexible, innovative and cost-effective. The client gets the best of MDS' expertise in a personalized, compressed, high impact manner. The one-day engagement also offers flexibility in that our clients can obtain a preliminary opinion as to ultimate project feasibility without initially authorizing the full-scope study. This one-day engagement can be used as a high impact, detailed situation analysis or industry educational session. 
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Strategic Marketing Consulting

MDS will examine the existing sales and marketing program, identify the lost opportunity cost of vacant units, develop primary market area demographics, recommend tracking systems and set specific, targeted performance goals and objectives for sales and marketing team. This task will be custom tailored to address the unique issues and needs of each client. 

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Due Diligence Advisory

Each due diligence engagement is designed and customized to address the objectives of the individual client which could involve operators, lenders, equity investors, etc. MDS can help sellers increase terminal value and purchasers arrive at accurate market values through key metric evaluation, commentary and comparison to available industry resources. 

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Strategic Planning/Retreats

These sessions properly lay the foundation for important discussions of very specific industry issues. Such issues include major industry trends, national vs. regional perspectives, not-for-profit response, status of various industry sectors, sustaining high stabilized occupancy and balancing financial viability with mission objectives. A specific agenda is mutually developed by MDS and the client for each engagement.
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Mystery Shopping

Whether it is a competitor's community or the client's own property, mystery shopping will provide an objective evaluation of the sales and marketing process and the overall market positioning of a senior housing community. The on site mystery shop encounter will include an evaluation of the location, first impressions, physical building (including living units and common areas), resident services and pricing characteristics. MDS will comment on qualitative aspects including overall knowledge and effectiveness of the marketing representative, cleanliness, maintenance, and the overall atmosphere/ambiance of the community.  MDS will also obtain complete marketing collaterals including brochures, floorplans, price sheets, and photographs of the property. 


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Alternative Dispute Resolution through Mediation

Mediation can provide a swift resolution to most situations while being extremely cost-effective, especially when considering company reputations, business relationships, and the cost of litigation.

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Focus Groups and Surveys

Electronic media based surveys/focus groups are more effective because you can reach many more participants, they can participate in their own time, participants do not feel intimidated, and it is a very cost-effective way of gathering information with immediate results.

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Financial Sensitivity Templates

Moore Diversified Services, Inc. has created numerous Financial Sensitivity Templates to assist your community in making a number of decisions based on various outcomes.  These templates cover a variety of areas including Operations,  Sales and Marketing, Senior Consumer Finances, Capital Investment and more.  Contact us for more information.