Due Diligence/Advisory Services

Moore Diversified Services, Inc. helps sellers increase terminal value and purchasers arrive at accurate market values through key metric evaluation, commentary and comparison to available industry resources. Each due diligence engagement is customized for the individual client which can include of operators, lenders, equity investors, etc.

MDS will give each client what they need to make appropriate and prudent business decisions.  MDS will perform a market analysis, evaluate the attributes of the existing property, and conduct  a financial and performance analysis.  In addition, MDS will conduct a “people” or management assessment to evaluate the processes of the organization and the results they have achieved. This will help determine whether it is in your best interest to keep the existing staff in effect or consider developing new staff or a third-party management company.

Whether the client needs to ensure they are getting the full value of their property as a seller or determine financial prudence and accurate market value as a buyer, Moore Diversified Services, Inc. has the tools and experience in place to  assist with a well informed and financially viable decision.