About Us

MDS is a national leader in conducting broad-based consulting, market research and market feasibility studies in the Seniors housing and health care industries. The firm has pioneered creative market feasibility methodologies and marketing strategies relative to these ever-changing, complex market segments.

Founded in 1971, MDS, with its experienced, permanent staff, has specific expertise in market feasibility studies, financial pro forma analysis, investment advisory services, consumer and industry surveys, innovative videotaped focus groups, and business venture analysis. Each year, the firm conducts hundreds of studies for proprietary and not-for-profit clients across the United States.

This experience has been integrated with the firm’s traditionally strong credentials in the real estate and health care industries. MDS is also a leader in market analysis and strategic planning in the rapidly growing assisted living/personal care industry.

MDS is a two generation company. Jim Moore, the company’s founder, has over 50 years of industry experience. Lynne Moore is a seasoned, second generation MDS professional with over 35 years of MDS experience. She is President and Project Manager for the MDS Research Company and is responsible for the coordination and execution of all MDS market research related projects and work products.

All this experience is implemented out of one central office in Fort Worth, Texas to avoid inevitable dilution of talent involved in multi-office operations. MDS has conducted more major Senior housing and health care feasibility studies and consulting engagements from a single office than any other consulting firm in the industry today.

The firm has conducted over 4,500 comprehensive consulting engagements in over 1,200 individual markets in 50 states and the District of Columbia. MDS has also conducted major engagements internationally in Australia, Canada, Central America, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.  In addition to its significant industry experience derived from its continuing proprietary client research, MDS invests heavily in internal research and development, staying on the leading edge of ever-changing marketplace trends.

MDS has also conducted over 800 recorded focus groups. This has provided a unique qualitative insight into a variety of market segments. There is much more to evaluating the market than just “numbers”. MDS has a unique national data base and experience regarding both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the Seniors market.

MDS is actively involved in major Seniors housing and health care trade associations at both the national and state level, coupled with national seminar activities. Jim Moore, President of MDS, is Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Directors of a major Senior living public company with a portfolio of over 125 properties traded on the New York Stock Exchange. He is also an independent director serving on the Board of several major not-for-profit CCRCs. Jim regularly writes articles for several leading Senior housing and health care publications, in addition to his own published books – Assisted Living Strategies for Changing Markets and Independent Living and CCRCs.