Sales and Marketing Analysis

The Sales and Marketing Analysis will assist clients to increase occupancy through targeted marketing and lead management driving more revenue directly to the bottom line. Optimum sales and marketing performance is usually directly related to the occupancy and financial success of a community.  It is necessary to closely link the financial improvements and recommendations from an operations analysis with a sharpened and optimize sales and marketing program.

MDS will gather valuable data that will help increase occupancy with targeted marketing and lead management.  MDS will examine the existing sales and marketing program, identify the lost opportunity cost of vacant units, develop primary market area demographics, recommend tracking systems and set specific, targeted performance goals and objectives for sales and marketing team among other tasks outlined for each client. 

The results of this analysis will be professional opinion as to the effectiveness of the current sales and marketing program.  In addition, a number of tangible and specific recommendations will be made regarding changes and new initiatives to enhance the value and favorable financial results of an enhanced sales and marketing program.