Market Feasibility Studies 

The detailed market feasibility study involves a thorough investigation of the demographic and economic characteristics of a market area and a comprehensive evaluation of the competitive environment in order to determine the overall viability and continued success of a senior housing community. Whether this is a new to-be-developed project or an existing community looking to optimize their position in the market area, the market study is a useful tool for overall planning purposes for all members of the client/development team.

In order to offer maximum flexibility to clients, MDS has designed a cost-effective phased approach to the market study. Phase I of this approach allows MDS to conduct enough of the work scope to express a preliminary opinion of project feasibility. This Phase I work scope may not provide the level of detail ultimately needed to submit to lenders/investors/financial institutions for financing purposes, but will provide enough information for internal due diligence purposes. Phase II is an expansion of the Phase I work scope into the detailed market feasibility study which provides the appropriate level of detail for financing purposes. It also provides a useful tool for other development team members involved with the planning of a new development or existing community.

MDS will customize each market study to address the unique objectives and needs of each client. In addition to the market studies, MDS offers other customized work scopes including market scanning, demographic analysis and comprehensive mystery shopping.